A UX Research Project

Problem Statement

The problem is that people have a hard time understanding skincare ingredients and finding products that work for them.


To educate skincare consumers on cosmetic ingredients and to help them find new and effective products.

User Interviews

7 people. 45 minutes each. 16 questions.

“My skin affects me more than it should. Skincare has become a habit for me.”

“Many consumers simply aren’t aware, and the cosmetic companies would like to keep it that way. Building up ingredient awareness is ideal.”

“Even when I’m in Priceline I’m on my phone researching about the products I look at before I buy […] I want to make informed decisions.”

Paper Prototyping
Card Sorting & IA
Annotated Wireframes

User Goals

To learn more about skincare products
 and ingredients.

To find new products based off newly learnt knowledge or existing knowledge.

Interactive Prototype

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