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UX/UI Design, Front-End Development, Email Templates, HTML5 Ads
HOYTS Cinemas

HOYTS is one of the biggest cinema chains in Australia and at the cutting-edge of technology in the industry. During my time at HOYTS, I was a Front-End Developer, Digital Designer, and User Experience (UX) Designer. As part of the Digital team, I helped carry out UX research, user interviews, wireframing, protoyping, and hi-fi designs for both the new HOYTS website and Qantas Frequent Flyer partnership.

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HOYTS Group Newsletter

A responsive modular newsletter was designed and built for the company-wide monthly newsletter.

HOYTS Rewards Newsletter

A responsive modular newsletter was designed for the HOYTS Rewards loyalty program. The newsletter was integrated with Movio.

HOYTS Online Handbook

A responsive internal website was designed and developed as the company-wide digital handbook to help assist with onboarding for new employees.

Animated Oscars Party Invite

A responsive animated website and email was designed and developed as the digital invite for HOYTS’ biggest client event of the year. Guests were able to RSVP easily online.

I had the opportunity to work on a number of projects that affected all parts of the company by working closely with the Art, Marketing, Sales, IT, Food & Beverage, and HR department.

Also during my time at HOYTS, I held workshops and had the chance to teach both those in my department and across the company many skills including HTML5 ad creation, front-end development, and user experience.

User Experience

As part of the Digital team, my role as a UX/UI Designer included the creation of wireframes, interactive prototypes, user flows, user journeys, and high-fidelity designs ready for development. I also helped carry out user interviews, workshops, and conducted presentations to present findings and solutions.

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Having built a number of websites at The HOYTS Group, I was solely responsible for the maintenance of each website and ensuring best SEO practices were implemented.



I generated an HTML5 ad to help promote HOYTS’ premium cinema experience known as HOYTS LUX.


Captain America at LUX

I worked on many movie-related HTML5 ads to help promote upcoming movies with distributors.


HOYTS Recliners

I created a multitude of HTML5 ads to promote recliners coming to multiple HOYTS’ locations.

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